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"Knowledge production occurs in other places besides academia."

~Angela Davis~

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire."

~William Butler Yeats~

A lifelong learner, my interests span a variety of subject areas, from counseling psychology and expressive arts in healing to the relevance and applicability of Indian mythology, spirituality, culture, and philosophy in South Asian diasporas. As a scholar, I have researched, written, presented, and/or performed on the following topics:

  • Cinematherapy: Impact of Romantic-Comedy Films on Perceptions of Romantic Love and Romantic Relationships Among Youth

  • Working Through Caste Privilege in South Asian Diasporas

  • Loneliness, Grief, and Identity: An Inside Look into the Lives of Third Culture Kids

  • Major Depressive Disorder in Asian Americans

  • Navagraha: Nine Energies Within & Without

  • Pancha Kanya: Five Inspired Heroines of Hindu Mythology

  • The Evolution of Dance Traditions in Maryland Communities

For speaking engagements or research/writing projects,

please get in touch through the Contact tab above.

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