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"Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity."

- Hippocrates

"The point of your inner work is to generate strength and to bring about a condition of openness in which you can begin to understand yourself differently and come to function in new ways."

- Swami Chetanananda, The Logic of Love

Healing can be a lifelong journey of building self-awareness, reconciling old wounds, and developing tools for a more fulfilling life. Across many cultures, mental health historically has not been recognized as a growing need to be looked after and nourished. I invite you to explore and excavate your inner and outer worlds by embarking on a journey of self-work.

Therapy can be a space for you to express yourself fully/freely and work through any challenges you may be facing in the presence of a compassionate witness and co-traveler in your healing journey. As a therapist, I meet my clients where they are at and affirm their strengths while gently guiding them in the direction of growth to support holistic body-mind-spirit wellness.


I offer individual therapy for children, adolescents, and adults, specializing in the following areas:

In addition to English, I also provide services in Tamil and Hindi.

For more information about current rates and fees for sessions, you can get in touch with me through the Contact tab above.

Please note that I am only able to offer in-person or telehealth sessions for folks located in California.

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