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Greetings and welcome!


My name is Aishwarya Subramanian and I am an interdisciplinary practitioner based in the San Francisco Bay Area. My interests and academic and work experience span a variety of areas, including psychology, mental health, creativity, the arts, and spirituality.

My work integrates counseling and psychotherapy with multimodal expressive arts approaches such as movement, music, writing, drama, and visual arts to promote holistic body-mind-spirit wellness and nourish well-being in individuals. As an interdisciplinary practitioner, I bring to the field years of experience as a trained Indian classical artist, a strong theoretical and clinical background in counseling psychology, and a deep passion and curiosity to listen to and learn about the stories of others.

I combine the arts with healing across various settings to cultivate reflection and authentic emotional expression in order to support positive mental health outcomes and fulfilling lived experiences.

Navigate the scholar, artist, and therapist tabs to learn more about my projects, pursuits, and passions.
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