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"To be human is to be creative. All people have the capacity to enjoy and experience growth through creative expression."
~ Appalachian Expressive Arts Collective ~

Sometimes, it is hard to find words to describe or talk about our life experiences, so the arts can be a helpful way to explore our innermost thoughts and feelings. Expressive Arts Therapy involves an integration of various art modalities (visual arts, music, movement, drama, writing, sandtray etc.) for self-understanding and self-expression in a healing container. Rather than aiming for a perfected artistic final product, Expressive Arts Therapy prioritizes and values the creative process of art-making for coping, exploration, or enjoyment. Dive into the imaginal realm and embark on a journey of discovery!


Movies, like art, also have the power to be transformative, moving, and insightful about the experience of life. From feel-good romantic-comedies to spine-chilling thrillers, films and other forms of visual media can transport us to different worlds and take us on a roller-coaster of emotions in the process. Cinematherapy is a creative modality and treatment approach used along with traditional counseling and psychotherapy for healing and growth through metaphor, imagination, storytelling, character development, and more.

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